About The Team

The Team is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship based on the server of Elendilmir. The group was founded on the opening day of Open Beta by three very good RL friends, and the group has slowly expanded to include our friends, both real and virtual.

We stand for the following:

1. Character, honor, respect, and relationships are the most important things we have.
2. Freely give what you have, expect others to do the same.

We are casual yet organized, know how to have a great time, and will all go far, far out of our way to help another member regardless of class, level, or standing. We are not active recruiters, we prefer our new members to be either people that we know or people who have had close contact with our group and wish to become a part based on who we are. We prefer a smaller size, where the members have a family-style of comradery, although we hope to someday expand to the point where we can internally staff a 24-man raid. We do prefer quality to quantity, and are committed to making each of our members solid citizens of the community and a very knowledgeable and effective representatives of their class. We sport a wide variety of activites, from drunken freeze-tag (Barliaman's Best baby) to getting eaten by Thorog, there's something for everybody. We participate in plenty of end-game content, with full-blown raiding and 3/6-man instances scheduled weekly

Nearly all of our members use voice chat, primarily just to have fun =] but also because it is an incredibly useful tool during fellowship activities. Speaking of fellowships, it is rare that any member of our group does anything by themselves, but that is also by choice, and we respect any style of play that fits under our 2 ideals.

If you are looking for a smaller group, one where you can develop good relationships with excellent people, love to have a good time, and believe in our two ideals, then by all means let us know, you are most likely our kind of person!

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Plans for Rohan and beyond!

by Briffo, 1823 days ago

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Hi all! We're a few weeks out from the Rohan launch and I'd like to give you guys a brief overview on what I have planned starting now, into the Rohan release and later into the year!

After a few months' break for summer and house stuff I'm going to start up on events again! Right now we have two leveling groups: one group around level 20 and the other around 50. Anyone with a character within ten or so levels of either group is welcome to join and sign up for the events! I'll make sure there is something we can all participate in and benefit from. Anyone who would like to join would be greatly appreciated as we get our new generation of kinmates up to speed and a part of our humble group!

Like Isengard, Rohan will not be releasing a level 85 instance cluster at launch. I recommend everyone to take an easy pace and enjoy the exciting new content and the beautiful new region of East Rohan as you take on the next ten levels! I will not get to level 85 for at least a month or two after launch and will be continuing events for our leveling groups during this time.

Once we start getting members to the level cap, there will still be a limited variety of content to participate in before the release of the instance cluster. The most noteworthy addition is the rebuilding of Hytbold. While it looks to be interesting and results in a raid-quality armour set after a long series of daily quests, it is perfectly soloable and requires no grouping to complete. In terms of group content, this may consist of scalable instances, skirmishes and PvMP, as well as daily group quests to defeat challinging warbands that roam the landscape. This will be a great time to master the new level of crafting and acquire a new level of gear in preparation for the following update!

Once the instance cluster arrives, I will start up regular events and we'll take on these new challenges with great skill and determination! I'm going to try harder than ever to be a leader that you guys can count on to get things done and have a lot of fun being a part of! I hope you all are as excited as I am and that we will find a lot of success and good times ahead of us!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all! I look forward to playing with you all again in ROHAN!

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Riders of Rohan launches September 5th!

by Briffo, 1933 days ago

The Riders of Rohan expansion is set to release three months from today! The eastern plains of Rohan will be nearly twice the size of Moria, and players will finally be able to fight from atop a war-steed! Expect a lot more details on what's to come in the following weeks!

Here is a link to FAQs about mounted combat and the pre-order, including the availability and pricing of these items in the LOTRO store at the launch of RoR!

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Update 7: Shades of the Past coming Monday!

by Briffo, 1957 days ago

While not a whole lot in this update, it comes with a new skirmish called Storm on Methedras and a revamp of the Fornost instance! It also introduces Star-lit Crystals, an item that upgrades your LI's DPS/Tactical/Shield Use and rating-based legacies. This update also includes a revamp to western Moria. They also updated the Eriador/Rhovanion maps to the BEAUTIFUL new ones below! Preliminary release notes are here!

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Level a new class and rediscover Middle-earth!

by Briffo, 1995 days ago

With the beginning of our sixth year and the approaching Riders of Rohan expansion, we have recently begun to level a new wave of lowbies in our kinship! Are there any classes you would like to experience? Miss the days gone by when you had more to do than the latest end-game content? Here's a chance to try something new and experience Middle-earth all over again along with friends and kinmates!

For the next few months, our end-game Event Nights will come to a halt in order to accommodate additional time to devote to leveling! There will be two types of events taking place: our regular group event and our '+1' event.

The regular event will be for general leveling for our main group(s), and these events will be named on the calendar as the area that we will be working in. Our +1 event will be for those who have missed the regular event or those who are behind and need a boost to get caught up with our regular group. You cannot be too far behind to sign up, even if you are beginning from level 1! If you are able to help any of these nights that would also be greatly appreciated.

The dates and times of our regular event may not be entirely consistent, but based on the general consensus of those attending and will be determined on a night-to-night basis. The +1 events will be scheduled most any night that I am available. I expect that many of these events will not take place due to no sign-ups; they are mostly there for you to know the optional nights to join. I will be there whenever at least one person signs up, but please always sign up at least one day in advance!

Anyone is welcome to join us at any point in the leveling process- just sign up when you can join! If you got any friends or family that enjoys gaming, this might be the perfect chance to ask them about it! Anyone who already plays LOTRO but is from outside our kinship is also more than welcome! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Five Years and Counting

by Briffo, 1998 days ago

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Five years ago The Team was founded on these four things: character, honor, respect and relationships. Looking back, maybe these have not always been a perfect reflection of our kinship (looking ahead I don't see them being perfected either!), but it's a cause worthy to strive for, as a kin and as individuals. I joined The Team two years ago and have come a long ways personally as I experienced LOTRO with all of you as well as experiences out in the real world. I'm hoping that as the kin leader I will be challenged more than ever to continue to grow in my new role as a leader as well as a person. Thank you all for the support you have provided me these past years! I hope in the months and years to come I will be able to do the same for you and the future members of our kinship. Here's to another five great years!

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