Rules of The Team or How We Roll

1. Dual Kin memberships are not allowed. They put on the appearance of using the kin as a means for loot only to move on at a later point. Of course special circumstances will be considered for exemption from this rule, such as an all family kin or a kin comprised of characters on multiple personal accounts. 

2. Open disrespect and infighting will not be tolerated, we will put you and who you are at odds with into a corner until you all work it out. 

3. During raids/instances, please keep vent chatter down a bit. Especially just before a boss so the raid leader in charge can explain the encounter to the group without distraction. 

4. For Looting we use a Suicide Kings List, the list is the list, if you are on top and want a drop, you are free to burn on it, if it is a burnable item. For all other drops we will use wither need/greed or need/greed/pass. For the latter, we generally pass on all the junk yellows, except for the tanks. Crafters can roll need on items for their craft. Relics and IXP are greeded on while the gear from chests are greeded unless they will be used, roll need if you will use it. 

5. Bickering over loot is unacceptable. Sign up again and you'll have another shot. Remember the more that have it, the better your odds are. 

6. Instance/Raid attendance is not mandatory, while we do fancy ourselves a raiding kin, if you don't find it fun, don't feel like you are being forced at all to show up. 

7. Allied Kins: Please show them the same respect and kindness that you would show to a member of The Team. If you have a beef with someone in an allied kin, calmly and with an open mind try to work it out with them. If you do not feel this is possible, please contact a Team officer regarding the issue and we will handle it as seen fit. 

8. General Behavior: We do ask that you conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring undue negative attention to The Team. Being in OOC, GLFF, Moors, PuGs, etc... 

9. All our members are 20+ so we ask that recruits Under the Age of 18 have a current active member of the Team who can be accountable for their actions. 

10. The tenth rule of The Team is that we will always have 10 rules on the rule page. 

For grouping/Raid specific rules, refer to the following threads: