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re: Level a new class and rediscover Middle-earth!

With the beginning of our sixth year and the approaching Riders of Rohan expansion, we have recently begun to level a new wave of lowbies in our kinship! Are there any classes you would like to experience? Miss the days gone by when you had more to do than the latest end-game content? Here's a chance to try something new and experience Middle-earth all over again along with friends and kinmates!

For the next few months, our end-game Event Nights will come to a halt in order to accommodate additional time to devote to leveling! There will be two types of events taking place: our regular group event and our '+1' event.

The regular event will be for general leveling for our main group(s), and these events will be named on the calendar as the area that we will be working in. Our +1 event will be for those who have missed the regular event or those who are behind and need a boost to get caught up with our regular group. You cannot be too far behind to sign up, even if you are beginning from level 1! If you are able to help any of these nights that would also be greatly appreciated.

The dates and times of our regular event may not be entirely consistent, but based on the general consensus of those attending and will be determined on a night-to-night basis. The +1 events will be scheduled most any night that I am available. I expect that many of these events will not take place due to no sign-ups; they are mostly there for you to know the optional nights to join. I will be there whenever at least one person signs up, but please always sign up at least one day in advance!

Anyone is welcome to join us at any point in the leveling process- just sign up when you can join! If you got any friends or family that enjoys gaming, this might be the perfect chance to ask them about it! Anyone who already plays LOTRO but is from outside our kinship is also more than welcome! Let me know if you have any questions.
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