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re: Plans for Rohan and beyond!

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Hi all! We're a few weeks out from the Rohan launch and I'd like to give you guys a brief overview on what I have planned starting now, into the Rohan release and later into the year!

After a few months' break for summer and house stuff I'm going to start up on events again! Right now we have two leveling groups: one group around level 20 and the other around 50. Anyone with a character within ten or so levels of either group is welcome to join and sign up for the events! I'll make sure there is something we can all participate in and benefit from. Anyone who would like to join would be greatly appreciated as we get our new generation of kinmates up to speed and a part of our humble group!

Like Isengard, Rohan will not be releasing a level 85 instance cluster at launch. I recommend everyone to take an easy pace and enjoy the exciting new content and the beautiful new region of East Rohan as you take on the next ten levels! I will not get to level 85 for at least a month or two after launch and will be continuing events for our leveling groups during this time.

Once we start getting members to the level cap, there will still be a limited variety of content to participate in before the release of the instance cluster. The most noteworthy addition is the rebuilding of Hytbold. While it looks to be interesting and results in a raid-quality armour set after a long series of daily quests, it is perfectly soloable and requires no grouping to complete. In terms of group content, this may consist of scalable instances, skirmishes and PvMP, as well as daily group quests to defeat challinging warbands that roam the landscape. This will be a great time to master the new level of crafting and acquire a new level of gear in preparation for the following update!

Once the instance cluster arrives, I will start up regular events and we'll take on these new challenges with great skill and determination! I'm going to try harder than ever to be a leader that you guys can count on to get things done and have a lot of fun being a part of! I hope you all are as excited as I am and that we will find a lot of success and good times ahead of us!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all! I look forward to playing with you all again in ROHAN!
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