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What Raiding would YOU like to do in SoM
Wait... there were expansions? I thought you guys were still doing the rift... (0/12)
I‘m 65 I wanna do 65 Content!!! BG and BG alone for me! If we aren‘t in BG then we need to be learning the strat, if we know the strat then we need to be collecting materials! (1/12)
SoM is so lame... well at least it gives us time to catch up on DN and maybe a few turtle and watcher runs if I am REALLY Bored. (0/12)
Screw You SHEEPY!!! I want to do ALL the raids and your just gonna have to suck it up and lead them cause no matter what raid we go on I will make it clear that we should be doing a different raid. (6/12)
I am rather Burned out from the 60 raids, lets keep pluggin at the 65 and when we can‘t get enough for that then break into the DG 6 or 3 mans. I suppose a few PvP runs might be fun too. (0/12)
Think of it like a Pie... Cause the cake is a LIE!! I would like to make half the pie represent BG, 2 for the rest of SoM as a whole, and 1 piece for each of the following: 50 raids, 60 raids and pvp. (3/12)
Don‘t care... I just want to have enough gear to go when I am on and have a good time when and wherever I go on a raid with THE TEAM!! (2/12)